Project Support

Use the power of A3 deployment , Priority deployment or the DMAIC in order to get your process improvements on track. 

Not all improvement projects need a complex structure to eliminate a cause of waste. Sometimes a simple “To-do” approach is sufficient. Unfortunately, conversely, many projects fail because they do not contain a good definition, go uncontrolled and / or do not contain a basic structure.

Our approach is aimed at using the right tools that are proportionate to the size of the challenge.

The Pick chart and the Critical-To matrix help to structure all the challenges that lie ahead. We distinguish the following improvement project forms:


  • Single person activity most times solved within one day

Kaizen events

  • A dedicated action with a huge impact. A multi functional team existing of 5 to 8 persons who will be devoted to an improvement action for 2 to 5 days.

Ambitie / improvement project

  • A multifunctional team working for maximum 3 month on one improvement activity. Larger projects are splitted up.

The A3 deployment document and the Ambition improvement documents are offering a clear roadmap so you can keep track on your progress.

 The power of A3 is the simple overview of the whole project on one page only.
The Ambition Improvement document has a very extensive project approach. The basic document consists of numerous sub-sheets which serve to determine the correct “Root cause” to which the correct measures can be taken.

Our structured improvement approach ensures that improvement projects succeed!