Kaizen events

The power of Lean emerges in the Kaizen events. The weapon in the battle to change your organization and get everyone involved.

We know how difficult it is to make changes. Changes are often seen as an additional task that you have to arrange in addition to your existing work. It goes without saying that this way of improving is impossible and often leads to the desired result.

Change is a matter for management that has to create the right preconditions and employees who implement the changes “Bottum-Up”. In this way you gain support for changes and a true culture change is possible. Kaizen event is the means to make this possible.

A Kaizen event is a dedicated action with a huge impact. A multi functional team existing of 5 to 8 persons who will be devoted to an improvement action for 2 to 5 days.

The structure behind the Kaizens is the secret to success. A good preparation, a clear structure during the events and the subsequent presentation are the key ingredients of this Lean tool.

Our structure, knowledge and experience will bring your Kaizen events program to a success.