Team or Personal Coaching

After a Lean training, professional coaching is required to actually make the first changes in a company. We coach your Lean team or Lean candidate to the desired level.

Although the Lean tools themselves are often simple, applying the right Lean Tools to specific business challenges is not always easy. However, also the desired culture change, where everyone is just doing their job towards an organization that is continuously looking for improvement opportunities, is difficult to get from the inside in motion.

Our Lean coaching program starts with a clear job description after which the challenges are inventoried together on location.  Where in the beginning we mainly stand next to the team or candidate to assist him or her in word and deed, after some time the support will take place on a regular basis through Lync or Teams.

The added value of an LMP coaching program is that in addition to professional support, the LMP Lean Toolbox can also be used so that no time is lost on all kinds of side issues such as basic document development and introduction training.