LMP Team

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Annelies Dieperink

Backoffice manager

An indispensable link for the smooth progress of customer contact and questions about our services. The back office is ready to answer every question about our services quick and accurately.

The organization and planning of events are also taken care of by the back office, guaranteeing a smooth running of all our programs!

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ing. Rogier Venteville, CPIM

Lean, Six Sigma, TPM
Lean development director

My driving force: significant reduction of inventory, lead time and failure costs without investment combined with excellent delivery performance.

As a former business manager in the steel industry and Business unit manager for aerospace, implementing and training Lean Management tools for more than 20 years in technology-oriented companies is now my biggest challenge. I have experience with batch and single piece production/assembly, development and trading companies, from small to large (> 400 Fte) international companies. This Lean Management programme has been used by me in more than 200 companies over the past 20 years. This involves the development of basic and advanced Lean training courses for employees of all levels, development of Lean Roads maps, Lean Assessments and have had the opportunity to supervise more than 500 Kaizen events in the process.

Tools used: Value Stream Mapping, 6-Sigma analysis techniques, Configure-to-Order, TPM, SMED, Kanban, Poka-Yoka, Kaizen events, 5-S and more.

My speciality: Operational hands-on support to management and shop floor on Lean-focused activities.

+31 (0)6 288 316 90

ing. Hans Festen

Consultant in quality, health and safety and environmental management
Festen KAMsupport

Hans now has 25 years of experience with quality, working conditions and environmental management in the technology industry, of which more than 15 years as an independent consultant. He is committed to management systems that actually help manage the external and internal issues of organizations and meet the requirements and expectations of key stakeholders. He does not remain on the sidelines, but provides hands-on support.
Hans has a pragmatic approach and a preference for simplification of processes as a source measure for making processes more manageable.
Specialties: risk analyzes, management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 45001 / VCA (safe and healthy working), ISO 14001 (environmental management). Also auditor of these management systems.

+31 (0)6 520 151 99

ir. Eric Joustra

Onderzoeker/projectleider, Lectoraat Lean / World Class Performance Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen
Lean Consultant & Coach

Eric is an experienced logistics practitioner with a specialism in making LEAN concepts really happen and in ERP enabled change. He has an extensive track record in LEAN programs and in business design / business process optimisation. His focal lines of business are manufacturing and logistics. His experience made him a strong believer in performance management as the driver for measurable business improvements.

Eric is acknowledged for his thought leadership in supply chain management. He published a book (‘Logistiek in de praktijk’) plus a large number of articles on logistics issues, is a lecturer in LEAN courses and lectures for the APICS certification program. He has initiated and chaired a LEAN working group of vereniging Logistiek management (vLm), as well as the group Implementation Methods (Utrecht University).

On a regular basis, Eric is being asked to chair panels for the official assessment of master and bachelor programs. He also is a delegate for the sLe; the Dutch exam organization for the leading European logistics educational programs EMLog/ESLog/EJLog.

+31 (0)6 407 284 21

ir. Alex Tenders

Lean Consultant & Coach

Experienced in aligning the organisation with the vision and strategy and empowering people to mobilize their full potential.

Alex achieves this by using Lean change management. Has gained extensive experience as a Managing Director at various technology companies both nationally and internationally.

With this knowledge, he now sets his sights on professionalising other technological and industrial companies in the Netherlands through Lean Six Sigma. Results are drastic improvement in yield per employee, savings of scarce resources, elimination of sub-optimisation and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Specialties: Strategic and analytical expertise of Lean techniques in mainly medium and large companies (from 60 to 500 employees) often part of multinationals. Coaching of management and boards in the change process by using systemic methods, among others.