A good start of the Lean program makes the chance of a lasting success many times higher!

The MT + program has been developed to make a good start of your Lean Program and has now been applied to more than 70 companies! The program consists of 2 parts:

  1. Lean theory where homework assignments and teach backs are used to get a better anchoring of the learned tools.
  2. Lean practice, in which a main flow is jointly developed with the aid of Value Stream Mapping.

The result of this 6 day training is:

  • A core team that has been trained in the field of Lean expertise
  • A jointed plan of action for the middle / short term Lean roadmap
  • Clear picture of the Lean KPIs (delivery performance, stock, failure costs & turnaround time)
  • Time-based plan with internal responsible persons (project leader, coach & sponsor)

This MT+ is given weekly or bi-weekly and is organized at your company internally.

Interested? Please contact us for more detailed information.