Director and Management Training

You can’t just start a Lean program. In addition to good preparation, it requires perseverance and, of course, unity. Especially when it comes to Management and the Board of Directors.

LMP has been able to guide many management/directional teams on their way to transform their company into a solid Lean organisation. In this 2 day training the following aspects will be discussed:

  • Explanation Lean philosophy
  • Explanation and application of relevant Lean Tools
  • Application possibilities within the company
  • Desired results / expectations of the Lean transformation
  • Primary Lean KPIs
  • Relationship between corporate mission/vision & lean program
  • Effort requirements organisation
  • Expected contribution board & management
  • Possible route map
  • Lean game

If your organization is ready to make a real leap into the world of Lean, book these 2 days together with your management team. We advise you to organize this session outside so that you can discuss this matter without any disturbances. More information needed? Please contact us.