LMP Packages


Below we have put together a number of packages for you so that you can make a choice more easily. Our standardized working method offers great certainty on results and involvement from the entire organisation. That is why we have bundled our products and put them in a clear diagram. The choice is yours!

For companies that want to start with a Lean programme or companies that are striving for a higher level, it is always difficult to choose what suits them best. Just training people is not enough we know from experience. External support is necessary to be able to implement the first real Lean improvement steps or to bring the programme to a higher level. But where do you start and which agency suits your company best?

With 20 years of experience, LMP has extensively applied both existing and new tools. We have now converted this experience into a standardized package so that you know where you stand when you start a project with us. We have listed the most important tools and training courses and have put together 5 packages. We have also included an indication of the turnaround time so that it is immediately clear how much external support can be expected.


Of course you can also choose individual modules if this fits better. We would be happy to visit you without obligation to explain about the different products and how this best suits the needs of your company.

Just Start

In addition to a short (update) training, this package is aimed at visualizing and analyzing a concrete flow, and then splitting up partial improvement projects, including priorities. In addition, the key parameters such as lead time, delivery reliability and failure costs are made transparent. After this analysis, the future Key parameters are chosen based on the visible waste, so that it is immediately clear to everyone what needs to be addressed. This package is chosen by many medium and large companies to obtain direct involvement throughout the organization. If the enthusiasm is aroused, it is a matter of perseverance!

Flow in action

Here we continue with the result obtained from the first package. The enthusiasm must be translated into action by physically starting with clear improvement actions, the so-called Kaizens. More employees are involved in both training and implementation. The basis for a structured continuous improvement program is laid. In addition, a structural follow-up of the most important Key parameters will be started. The different Flows by the company are identified, after which the 1 sample flow is further elaborated. The primary attention often goes first to the shop floor.

Flow in organization

We speak about Lean Management, with which we emphasize that Lean will only really work if all processes are connected. In this package the standardized continuous improvement method is developed. A working method that ensures that an organization never stands still when it comes to improvement. But the input side from sales and the planning process are also examined. Often there are many hidden costs in this, which also consume a lot of time, while the added value in the eyes of Lean is nil. By dividing the work into fixed blocks (overall TAKT), 25% of the turnaround time is often saved.

Intergrated Flow

At Lean we speak of a management philosophy in which the power for change must come from within the organization itself. Management coaches the team. This method demands a high discipline from the employees involved. It is therefore important to appoint key people in the organization who help to embed this new working method. In this step we will show how other Lean companies have done this and we will work on the organization for broad support. Another important tool at this stage is the configurability of the product or service. Modular working not only has enormous benefits for the shop floor, but also the customer, the supplier and the entire chain can be saved from a lot of waste. In short, working CTO (Configure-to-Order) brings great benefits to any organization.

Excellent Flow

If you want to align an organization from high to low, this package is recommended. The pursuit of an organization that is constantly looking to develop and improve itself as a way-of-living. The program is seamlessly connected to the mission and vision of the company and translated into concrete (improvement) programs and performance indicators, so that not only daily management information is available, but also concrete insight into the extent to which the business strategy is actually being implemented. Of course, this also includes the modularity that this time asks to go a step further by also redeveloping the product or service, in line with the CTO set-up. Customer specific products, built completely modular!