Company wide Lean Transformation

A professional, modularized approach to make a quick changeover from your organization.

We believe in standardization. But in a way in which the organization continually works on improvements to the Flow. Building up this program is of course based on the 5 basic principles of Lean:

Many organizations get stuck in their improvement program and often do not know which next step to take. We also notice that an improvement program often remains superficial and that the actual improvements are not achieved. The LMP company-wide Lean program aims to improve all business processes step by step. We identify the following time frames and ensure that every level is switched at the right time.

  • Long-term philosophy. Scope: 3-4 years. Achieving “World Class Performance” by the use of the X-matrix or Priority deployment.
  • Business strategy. Scope: 1 year.  Focus on fast and continuous process improvements and reduction of lead times by the use of the Ambition plan.
  • Tactical plan. Scope: quarter.  Through integration of “tools” and working methods of “Lean Manufacturing”, Six Sigma and Maintenance Excellence executed in regular organized Kaizen events
  • Unconditional attack on waste. Scope: daily! By attacking stock, transport, over-processing, rejection, movement, over-production, rework / reject.

Our standardized Lean Roadmap together with the main Lean steps makes this Lean program unique with the advantage of a high chance of success at very favorable costs.

We have the knowledge, the resources and the experience to transform your organization