SMEVA takes a thorough approach!

Smeva is a renowned family business in the refrigeration industry and installation industry. State of the art refrigeration furniture is produced for nationally and internationally renowned customers. See also By applying Lean techniques, major steps have been taken to enable further growth and to strengthen competitiveness. LMP has contributed to the production line of counters. The results:

– Start-up and roll-out of a standardized product in larger series in flow production: lead time reduction from an average of 3 days to approximately 4 hours. Productivity has increased by as much as 20%!

– Lead time preliminary process from receipt of order to release of production for the standard products reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week. As a result, with the same occupancy at the business office, a turnover increase of 20% can be realized.

– Inventories have been structurally reduced by at least € 500K (over 25%).